MTA Shield FAQ

What is MTA Shield?

MTA Shield is a suite of three apps that puts you in charge of your WiFi and protects your connected devices, both at home and on the go. When combined with MTA’s totalWiFi, you will have greater peace of mind than ever before when it comes to online security and privacy.

Why do I need to create Master password for MTA Identity Shield?

The master password is very important as it gives you access to the app and keeps your password data safe.  Once you’ve installed MTA Identity Shield and you start the application for the first time, the app asks you to create a master password.  Choose a hard-to-guess master password (or passphrase) that you can remember, as the app or MTA Identity Shield cannot reset your master password. The fact that the app cannot reset the master password has been a conscious decision by MTA Identity Shield to increase your security and privacy and protect your data.

The app keeps on reminding me of the master password recovery code. Why do I need to create master password recovery code?

The master password recovery code is a unique and personal code that is the only way of regaining access to the app, should you forget your master password.  MTA Identity Shield cannot restore any master passwords, as this would mean accessing your master password, which could be a security risk.

Can I use fingerprint or face-recognition for accessing my passwords?

Yes. If you want to use fingerprint to unlock the app, select “use fingerprint to unlock next time.” Note that before you can use your fingerprint to unlock MTA Identity Shield, you first need to register your fingerprint.

MTA Identity Shield found my personal information among the breached data. What do these breach severities mean?

MTA Identity Shield ranks the data breaches according to severity based on:

  1. How much of your data has been leaked.
  2. How potentially harmful the leak is.
  3. Is the leaked data in an easily readable format or encrypted.

There are three severity Levels:

  1. High-Severity: Breaches of high severity can involve, for example your password or your credit card details in a readable format.
  2. Mid-Severity: Breaches of mid severity can involve your social security number, your password in a scrambled format or many pieces of low severity personal information breached at the same time.
  3. Low-Severity: Breaches of low severity involve one of the following pieces of personal information:  username, full name, date of birth, phone number, or address.
Does the customer have to use their MTA email address, even if it’s not the one that they set up the account with?

No. It can be any email address up to two. You can swap/delete the emails and check others at any time.

Does MTA Identity Shield only protect the two emails that are signed up through the App or does it protect any email addresses that are on the devices?

Up to two email addresses can be set up within the app for protection. You can swap or delete these emails at any time.

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