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When you add totalWiFi™ to your internet plan, you can finally ditch your router. Say goodbye to dead zones and say hello to total coverage and support. Our gateway (router modem combo) is not just more aesthetically pleasing than having a bunch of wires to two pieces of equipment, it is top-of-the-line tech and impressively powerful resulting in max speed and coverage. And because it is made to work with MTA’s network, you get enhanced support – but you probably won’t need it because this thing is fast, reliable and gives you whole-home WiFi coverage.

Zyxel Modem Router All In One

MTA Shield

Protect all you connect with MTA Shield – designed to work specifically with our totalWiFi™ gateway. The undeniable benefit of connecting more and more of our lives unfortunately can put us at risk online. That’s why we created MTA Shield, a suite of three apps that put you in control of your WiFi with a variety of management tools that help protect all of your devices at home and on-the-go with advanced security. With MTA Shield, set rules like bedtime, get notified of potential security threats with recommended actions to take, and most importantly: get peace of mind. For more information, view our MTA Shield FAQ.

The three apps that create MTA Shield complement and strengthen each other:

More ways to WiFi.

Home Shield lives on MTA’s totalWiFi™ gateway and provides protection for your entire WiFi network. In addition to preventing attacks on your WiFi devices, it also offers parental controls so you can decide who can get online and what they can view.

If it’s connected, protect it.

Mobile Shield can be used at home and on the go. Downloaded directly to your mobile devices, it performs virus and malware scans and offers tools for safe browsing.

Cyber savvy, made easy.

Identity Shield prevents your personal information from ending up in the wrong places by detecting when your identity information is at risk and helping you take action. It also helps you create and store stronger passwords.

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