About MTA Gaming

Alaska has become a hub for esports and MTA continues to play a major role in this rise with community building tournaments, supporting MSBSD’s esports programs, and strong partnerships with leaders like AK Gamers, Arctic Comic Con, Senshi Con, and more. MTA Gaming builds lifelong, strategic relationships within Alaska gaming. These efforts, supported by the entire team at MTA, help make all that MTA Gaming stands for a possibility.

Gaming Console

“MTA is proud to lead Alaska’s growth in the esports world and look forward to the connections between education and technology that MTA Gaming will continue to develop.”

->Michael Burke, CEO of MTA

MTA + Esports

You might think the Last Frontier gets left in the cold when it comes to esports, but you’d be wrong. Through constant collaboration and community building between MTA Gaming, local businesses, Alaska schools, and the gaming community, we are pioneering esports throughout Alaska.


Official Partner for MSBSD Esports

Through impactful financial support, consultation, and a robust internship program, MTA partners with MSBSD to further engage their already growing competitive esports programs.

2021 Annual Gaming Tournament

Last year our gaming tournament raised nearly $30K for the MTA Foundation and was recognized as the best virtual event by Alaska Business Magazine! Now we are proud to announce Alaska’s first ever esports league. Join us for the inaugural season and be a part of this growing community while competing for thousands of dollars in cash and prizes across some of your favorite games.

Best of Alaska Business Denali 2021

Support Through Sponsorship

Over the past four years, MTA’s annual gaming tournament has served as a signature event helping to promote the MTA Foundation, underscoring our long-running commitment to giving back to the communities we serve. The MTA Foundation serves to pioneer technology growth and economic development throughout Alaska with its robust scholarship program and monumental major grants.

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