MTA Phone Voicemail Guide

MTA Phone Voicemail Guide

Vital Voicemail

Vital Voicemail is an essential service that stores up to 50 messages and gives you four minutes for outgoing greetings.

Mailbox Set Up:

Call (907) 745-7900, (907) 696-7900, or *88 from the phone with voice mail. Following the prompts, enter your temporary PIN (0-0-0-0-0-0) followed by the # key. Enter a new personalized 4- to 20-digit PIN, followed by the # key. Confirm by entering again.

Greeting Set Up:

For a personal greeting, dial 1. For a system generated greeting with your name, dial 2. For a system greeting that includes your number, dial 3. For a system greeting that does not include your name or number, dial 4. To save your greeting, dial #.

Web Access Voicemail

With Web Access Voicemail, you can use an Internet browser or email to view and manage messages, even save messages to your computer or an external source. Other features include extended absence greetings and group lists. Follow the VITAL VOICEMAIL instructions for Mailbox Set Up and optional Greeting Set Up.

Visit Enter your 10-digit telephone number and personalized PIN (labeled Password). Click the Login button. The Messages & Calls tab will show a list of your messages. You can play, delete or mark messages; save messages to your computer; reply to or forward messages and add callers to your contact list. The Voicemail Player allows you to listen to your messages using a similar interface to an MP3 player.

Gold Voicemail

Use Gold Voicemail to receive, print and forward faxes. Use a browser or email to view, manage and save voice mail messages. Additional features include extended absence greetings and group lists. Available for residential and business lines.

Routing Box Voicemail

Automatically answer and send calls to another voice mailbox or phone number. Additional features include online access, optional announcement only and dial-by-name. Available for business lines. Follow the WEB ACCESS instructions (above) for logging into your online voicemail services.