Common Internet Terms

Let’s Get Techie

Internet plans are described in a lot of ways, and if you’re not familiar with all of the industry-specific terminology that technology companies are using nowadays, it can sometimes get confusing when you’re trying to compare “apples to apples.”

Here’s a simple explanation of some of the more common, yet sometimes confusing terms many internet providers use.

Unlimited Internet

We all know what “unlimited” is supposed to mean, but many internet providers say their internet plans are unlimited while adding an asterisk and fine print underneath it. Before signing up for an unlimited plan, it’s a good idea to research if there are any limitations or strings attached. Unlimited at MTA really means unlimited. If you’re on one of MTA’s unlimited internet plans, we promise you’ll never get charged overage fees for using too much internet, and your plan will never be throttled (we’ll talk more about that later).

Capped Plans

All internet plans are either unlimited (meaning there’s no data limit) or they’re capped. Capped plans mean you’ll have a set amount of internet you’re allowed to use. If you don’t use the internet very often, having a capped plan with a set internet limit lets you pay less for using less.


Internet throttling is something many Alaska internet users have experienced, but you might not have realized that there was a word for it. Throttling usually happens when you’re close to reaching your capped internet plan’s monthly limit. Instead of charging overage fees for going over your monthly usage allowance, sometimes cable companies will slow your internet way down – usually to nearly unusable speeds. That extreme slow down on your internet speed is called throttling. MTA never throttles our internet customers!

DSL VS Cable

There are two starkly different ways that most companies provide internet: via cable and via a dedicated line aka a digital subscriber line (DSL). It’s important to know which way you’re receiving your internet because the delivery method can directly affect your internet quality and reliability. MTA provides a dedicated line to all of our customers’ homes. Learn more here.

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