Recent Service Offerings Notices

Effective January 15, 2019

Effective January 15, 2019 MTA’s ISDN-PRI offerings have been reduced to reflect market demand.

Effective January 1, 2019

Effective January 1, 2019 the following changes have been made to services offered within our Local Access Service Guide.

We have added a Cost Recovery Fee to our Guide which is a fee MTA will charge in order to recover various costs and expenses that it incurs in connection with legal and regulatory requirements.  This fee is not a tax or surcharge required by the government.

We have increased the monthly rate for Residential and Business services. We will no longer offer “Multi-Party” service in any of our exchanges. We have renamed our “Local/Feature Bundle” to “Home Phone Plus”.

The FCC recently classified Wireline Broadband Internet Access service (DSL) as an Information Service. Due to this reclassification Link Up, which is available only to Telecommunication Services, is no longer available on internet services.