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Bridge your offices.

MTA offers additional business solutions to not only help companies survive in today’s digital environment, but thrive in it. Seamlessly interact with remote locations and employees in the field, inside and outside your area network, all while avoiding long distance network tolls.

Link your locations with a secure, high-bandwidth and stable connection. Voice, video and data can be prioritized based upon your business needs. Control all aspects of your network from security, disaster recovery and prioritization of voice.

Private Line

Low-Latency, Secure, Point-to-Point Transmissions.
Effortlessly share information between your two locations, in real time.

Private LAN

Transmitting High Volume Traffic Over A Private Network.
Connect multiple locations within MTA’s service area as if they are on the same Local Area Network (LAN).

Virtual Private Line

Dedicated Multi-Point Connectivity.
With traffic managed by MTA, never worry about your network being bogged down.

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